My Own Little Planet – Geneva



“My Own Little Planet ” is a series of photographs in panorama of the districts and emblematic places of Geneva.

These little planets can have several readings about belonging to the world and to oneself.

First of all: Environmental.

In a news where the Earth (our planet) has been so exploited, so damaged, so defiled by human beings, these little planets remind us that our blue planet is a small rock in an infinite universe. It is like a  precious gem delicate, fragile, beautiful and magical. Showing the different worlds of Geneva, the seat of the United Nations as small pearls encourages us to reflect on our daily life: knowing how to take care of one’s own garden is also a way to take care of our Earth.

Then: Sociological.

Indeed, remember, the planet of the Little Prince was the starting point of a great human adventure! To know how to accept differences, to discover the universe of the other. In a world where everyone is so connected and yet so isolated, so egocentric. These little planets remind us that to open up, to discover the planet of the other is also enriched with knowledge and knowledge.

Historical monuments with modern architecture. A tree planted between two buildings or a bridge joining two worlds. These small planets also allow us to look at ourselves and to ask ourselves the question of the place of each one within this system .

The readings that I present here are of course not exhaustive, but I wish everyone to take care of their own Little Planet.  


“My own little planet” will continue in other cities. If you are interested about doing it for your own house, chalet, building, hotels or town, please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

Mehdi Benaïssa – March 2019



Personal Project






Mehdi Benaïssa